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Exhibitor Resources

The Tacoma Wedding Show welcomes wedding and reception related product and service businesses to participate. A vetting process is required for new vendors - please apply/register and we will contact you.


Please review the sections below before filling out our Vendor Registration Form.


If you have any questions during the registration process, please email us at

We are happy to assist!


Exhibitor Resources for Registration


Basic Registration Info


Tacoma Wedding Show 2025

A Two Day Event!

Saturday, January 11, 2024

1 PM - 6 PM


Sunday, January 12, 2024

10 AM - 3 PM

BOOTHS: Basic booths are 10x10 in size (8-feet tall and 10-feet wide pipe-and-drape). Gray, black, or white drape (to be determined by show organizers). Side rails are 3-feet tall. Corner booths have 8-foot tall backs and one side rail only. 


PRESENTER BOOTHS: We offer a limited number of presenter booth spaces and they appear on the floor plan in prime locations. These spots are10x20 in prime locations. Selecting a Presenter Booth includes additional marketing exposure as you will be listed as a “Show Presenter” on campaigns and signage. (Show Sponsors will be listed ahead of Show Presenters).


SPONSORSHIPS: Gain more exposure prior to the show through marketing campaigns and online links, as well as more exposure at the show by becoming a show sponsor! Sponsorship opportunities are IN ADDITION to your booth space (they do not include a booth at the show). 


LIMITED TABLE SPOTS: For micro businesses, we offer a limited number of simple table spots in the show. These are not for primary wedding businesses such as photographers, venues, catering companies, etc., but rather intended for micro businesses such as Wedding Officiant - please do not register for these until you have approval through show management. These spots include a back drape, but are NOT full booths, and side rails are not guaranteed. There will be room for one 6 foot table.  The spot does NOT include table rental. 


SWAG BAGS: The first 200 attendees each day will receive a Tacoma Wedding Show Swag Bag. We will stuff the guest bags with promotional flyers and small gifts from wedding professionals. 

COST: $45 for show participants/ $150 for non-participants. Payment due with registration. 

QUANTITY: Need 400 items. 


Option A — We will provide a drop-off window for bag inserts and prize booth giveaways the day prior to the show at the show location- curbside (more instructions closer to the show). It will be a limited window of time and ONLY available that day. 

Option B — Bring your items Saturday morning and turn in to show management NO LATER THAN 10 AM!


POWER: Power outlets are NOT included in the booths and must be purchased in advance. The venue sets this pricing, there is a fee per booth to guarantee a power outlet be included ($75 in advance). You must provide your own surge protector/power strip and extension cords. Be sure to include power on your registration form if needed. Late Power Add-ons after December 15th will be assessed an additional $25 fee, so a total of $100 for power at your booth.


TABLES & CHAIRS: No furnishings are provided with your booth including tables or chairs. If you require the rental of a table or two chairs (being rented as a set of two chairs), be sure to select this option upon registration. Black or white linen is provided with the rented tables (color will be designated by show decorator - if you desire a specific color, be sure to rent directly through Grand Event Rentals instead of on the registration form).

If you are providing your own tables, BRING YOUR OWN LINENS or contact one of our participating rental companies for assistance. 

Please NOTE that renting a table with linen onsite (without previously booking with your registration) will cost significantly more than our advanced fee.



Option A — Prize Booth Inclusion (must be valued over $50 - no coupons accepted, must be a stand alone gift without necessary purchase). If you want the extra exposure of being included at our Prize Booth and announced on stage, then be sure to get your prize to us in advance. Prize drop-off will be available the day prior to the show at the show venue. Please email us to notify us of your prize details (gift, value, and include your jpeg or PNG logo) at least 7 days prior to the show. 

Option B — You are welcome to do a prize drawing from your booth. You are responsible for following all WA State rules and regulations regarding raffles and drawings. The show is not responsible for delivery of your prizes to winner(s). 

VENDOR INFO/EXHIBITOR HANDBOOK: load-in, set-up details, and the full Exhibitor Handbook will be available closer to the show via our website. Watch for “Participant Update” emails for the quick link. 


MARKETING: The show is marketed extensively to our prime (wedding) audience throughout the Puget Sound via online event calendars, social media, radio media, flyers/postcards, posters, and more. 


INSURANCE: Vendors MUST be a licensed and insured business in order to participate in the show. Please be prepared with a copy of your insurance if required or provide a certificate of insurance to Bird + Duck Media via email or mail prior to the show. 


TEAR-DOWN: Show tear down will be Sunday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Vendors must register for and attend for both days! No early tear down is acceptable.


Floor Plan & Pricing

TWS 2025 Floor Plan .v2.png

Sponsor & Presenter Details

Become a Tacoma Wedding Show Sponsor or Presenter!



Gain more exposure prior to the show through marketing campaigns and online links, as well as more exposure at the show by becoming a show sponsor! Sponsorship opportunities are IN ADDITION to your booth space (they do not include a booth at the show). Each Show Sponsor will have their logo and link on the Tacoma Wedding Show website.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Title Sponsor: $15,000

Title Sponsorship includes your business name in the title of our event (“Tacoma Wedding Show Sponsored by YOUR NAME”), so ALL signage, webpages, and promotional materials will include your name, including radio advertisement and billboard along I5. You will have the most prominent logo placement out of all of our sponsors.


Event Sponsor: $5,000

All Event Sponsors will be listed just below any Title Sponsor and will receive prominent promotional placement on the website and on social media leading up to the event, as well as a mention in radio advertisements.


Stage Sponsor: $4,000

The Stage Sponsor (only 1 available) will be listed just below any Event Sponsors and will receive prominent promotional placement at the main stage on the show floor including your logo on all stage signage. You will also be recognized on the website and on social media leading up to the event.


Entrance Sponsor: $3,000

Help us make the entrance a real show stopper! The Entrance Sponsor will be recognized on show entrance signage as well as on the website and social media. 


Swag Sponsor: $2,500

We will be handing out 200 Swag Bags per day. The Swag Sponsor will receive logo placement alongside TWS’s logo on the Swag Bags! 



Purchasing a Presenter Booth makes you a Show Presenter! We offer a limited number of presenter booth spaces and they appear on the floor plan in prime locations. These spots are 10x20 in prime locations. Selecting a Presenter Booth includes additional marketing exposure as you will be listed as a “Show Presenter” on campaigns and signage. Each Show Presenter will have their logo and link on the Tacoma Wedding Show website as a complimentary bonus! There are only 10 Show Presenter booths available and cost $2,800 each.

(Show Sponsors will be listed ahead of Show Presenters).


Participant Terms & Conditions

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions



a. LIABILITY — The Exhibitor is entirely responsible for the space leased and shall not injure, mar or deface the premises and the Exhibitor shall not drive, nor permit to be driven any nails, hooks, tacks or screws in any part of the building. Exhibitor shall not affix to the walls or windows of any building any advertisement, signs, etc., or use Scotch tape, masking tape or any other adhesive-type materials on painted surfaces. The Exhibitor agrees to reimburse the facility and/or decorator, for any loss or damage to the premises or equipment’s occurring in the space leased to the Exhibitor. Show management and their sponsors shall not be liable for any damages or expenses incurred by Exhibitor in the event the show is canceled, delayed, interrupted or not held as scheduled for any reason. Exhibitor may only receive a full refund if the show is canceled willingly by Bird + Duck Media LLC. Exhibitor damages for breach of contract shall be limited to the refund of the cost of the exhibit space. Show management shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this contract as a result of strikes, acts of God, or any other causes beyond its control. 


b. AISLES — Aisles, passageways and overhead spaces remain strictly under the control of the Management, and no signs, decorations, banners, advertising matter or special exhibits will be permitted in them except by written permission from show management. All Exhibits and personnel must remain within the confines of their own spaces and no Exhibitor will be permitted to erect signs or display products in such a manner as to obstruct the view, disadvantageously affect the display of other Exhibitors. No interference with the light or space of another Exhibitor will be permitted. 


c. SPACE — The space contracted is to be used solely for Exhibitor whose name appears on the Contract, and it is agreed that Exhibitor will not sublet or assign any portion of same without the written consent of the Management. In the event Exhibitor fails to occupy or use the space or to have their exhibit completed and in place 1 hour prior to the opening of the show, they shall forfeit their right to the space, and all prepaid rents, and upon demand pay any rental balance owing to management. At that point Management may reassign the booth space. 


d. REASSIGNMENT — Management shall have the right and privilege of moving an Exhibitor to another location in order to conform with all current City, County, Stage, and Federal laws and regulations. Management shall have the right and privilege of moving the Exhibitor’s location to meet the general display requirements, guidelines, and needs of the Show Management. 


e. PARTICIPANTS — This agreement does not reserve for, nor guarantee to the Exhibitor any space, specific area or space priority, right of first refusal or any other manner of participation in any future shows. 


f. ALL DEMONSTRATIONS — or promotional activities must be confined within the limits of the purchased space. Noise resulting from the exhibit space must not interfere with the other exhibitors. 


g. FOOD ITEMS — No food items or drinks are to be sold for purposes of on-premise consumption. Any items, beverages or samples intended for on-site consumption must conform to a sampling policy and may require written permission from the Show Management and facility concessions. 


h. BALLOONS — We ask for NO helium filled BALLOONS. Balloons filled with helium are strictly prohibited in this venue and could result in a heavy fine. 


i. RESTRICTIONS — The Management reserves the right to restrict or remove exhibits, without refund, that may have been falsely entered, or may be deemed by the management unsuitable or objectionable. This restriction applies to noise, P.A. systems, persons, animals, birds, things, conduct, printed matter, deemed dangerous, or anything of a character that might be objectionable to the show or the Show Management. 


j. OFFENDERS — May be asked to leave the area if any of the above are violated: and as an exhibitor offender, no refund will be given. 



a. ALL BOOTHS and decorations must concur with the facility regulations, city ordinances and local fire codes. Any violations may result in the removal of any materials found to be in violation. Materials for booth decorations and construction must be fire retardant. No flames are allowed (please use faux candles). Small decorative items like confetti, rice, glitter, cranberries, birdseed, silly string, etc. are not allowed in the venues. Fees may be assessed for necessary cleanup of these items if found in booth area. Contact Show Management if at all in doubt. 


b. INSTALLATIONS — Any special carpentry, wiring, electrical or other work, shall be installed at Exhibitor’s expense. 


c. LICENSES — Any and all City, County, Municipal, State or Federal licenses, inspections or permits as required by law of any Exhibitor in the installation or operation of his display shall be obtained by the Exhibitor at their own expense prior to the opening of the show. 


d. RIGHTS OF MANAGEMENT IN EVENT EXHIBITION IS NOT HELD Management shall not be liable for any damages or expenses incurred by Exhibitors in the event the show is delayed, interrupted or not held as scheduled. If for any reason, beyond the control of the Show Management the show is not held, Management may retain the amounts paid by exhibitors as is necessary to defray expenses already incurred by the Show Management. 


e. TERMS AND CONDITIONS — This contract contains all the terms and conditions agreed on by the parties hereto, and no other agreements, oral or otherwise regarding the subject matter of this contract, shall be deemed to exist or to bind any of the parties hereto. 


f. SECURITY FOR RENTAL — Failure on the part of the Exhibitor to pay rental as specified under the contract shall entitle Management to seize all materials, displayed by the Exhibitor within the described show and to retain the same as security for any unpaid rental amount owing. 


g. AMENDMENTS — Exhibitor agrees to abide by decisions of the Management concerning all matters pertaining to the administration and success of the Show which are not specifically stated. 


h. ATTORNEY FEES — In the event suit or action is brought by show management under this agreement to enforce any of its terms, it is agreed that as the prevailing party, Show Management shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees to be fixed by the trial and appellate courts. 


i. DRAWINGS & CONTESTS — All exhibitors/participants holding a drawing or participating in prize giveaways on their own shall agree to operate their drawing or giveaway in compliance with the law. 



We wish to provide the tightest security possible for the protection of your exhibit properties. However, neither Bird + Duck Media, LLC, the facility management nor our insurance company are financially liable for losses or mysterious disappearances of any kind. We recommend that all exhibitors contact their insurance agents to confirm proper coverage of exhibit materials. 



a. FEES — By signing and submitting this contract, the exhibitor/sponsor has agreed to pay fees for selected booths, advertising, and any other services agreed upon in this contract. Payment is due at the time of registration unless arrangements are made with Bird + Duck Media Finance. 


b. INVOICE/RECEIPT — The exhibitor/sponsor/participant will receive an invoice/receipt for their registration and payment within 5–10 business days of payment and/or registration received. 


c. CANCELLATION AND REDUCTION POLICY — If this agreement is canceled by Exhibitor for any reason, or by Management because of Exhibitor’s default or violation of this agreement, monies paid to Management by Exhibitor shall be retained as follows: If cancellation occurs 60 days or more before the start of the show, Management shall retain 50% of the total contract price and return the balance paid to Exhibitor. If cancellation occurs within 59 days or less prior to the first day of show, Exhibitor is liable for the entire cost of the booth space which includes money paid and any outstanding balance. Management shall retain these monies as liquidated damages for the direct and indirect costs incurred by Management for organizing, setting up and providing space for Exhibitor, and losses and additional expenses caused by Exhibitor’s withdrawal. To receive a refund, cancellations must be in writing. 


d. EXHIBITOR KIT — All participants agree to abide by rules, regulations, and policies set forth in the Exhibitor Handbook. 



Exhibitor badges may be picked up at the exhibitor/vendor desk during setup. Each show and booth are given an allotted number of exhibitor badges/passes per the contract. Any additional badges/passes must be requested in advance. 



Exhibitor shall protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bird + Duck Media, LLC, the facility in which the event is held, and their Service Contractors and Sponsors from and against any and all claims, damages, injury, losses and expenses including attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from the exhibit, or Exhibitor actions, or the officers, contractors, licensees, agents, employees, guests or visitors of Exhibitor. 



During the term of this Agreement, exhibitor shall procure and maintain Comprehensive General Liability insurance, which shall include contractual liability coverage, with limits of not less than 1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage, combined single limit. Exhibitor’s insurance will name Bird + Duck Media, LLC as additionally insured upon request. 



a. GENERAL BUSINESS LICENSE — During the term of this Agreement, exhibitor shall procure and maintain necessary business licenses and permits according to the business’ state of origin. 


b. SELLING PRODUCT IN WASHINGTON — The Washington State Department of Revenue requires that vendors selling in the State of Washington must be registered with the Department of Revenue in Washington and that they have a UBI# and that they must collect and remit sales tax on taxable sales occurring at the event. Businesses may qualify to register on a temporary basis. If already registered, you must provide this UB# on the registration form. For a regular (non-temporary) registration visit… for information on filing this license to do business in Washington State. Vendors can also register with the Department by: 

i. Filing a Master Application online at

ii. Visiting any of the Department’s local offices or Unified Business Identifier (UBI) service locations. 

iii. Calling our Telephone Information Center at 1-800-647-7706. 


c. TAXES — Sales of tangible personal property at special events are generally subject to sales tax. Vendors must collect and remit the applicable combined state and local sales tax rate to the Department of Revenue. The combined state and local tax rate varies throughout the state, depending on the location where the sales are made. For the correct tax rate to charge for a specific location, see the WA State DOR Tax Rate Lookup Tool at: salesandusetaxrates/lookupataxrate/default.aspx



Exhibitor hereby consents to Management’s royalty-free use of visual and audio reproductions of Exhibitor and its employees and exhibit(s) including without limitation recordings, photographs, video recordings, films and other images or likenesses for the purpose of Management’s advertisement and promotion of this and future shows. 



Any exhibitor found tearing down partial or entire exhibits before close of show will be charged $400. This action greatly impacts other exhibitors and the quality of the show. In addition, carts are NOT allowed on the show floor during show hours. This is a safety violation and will result in a fee if in violation of this safety regulation.

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